Multiple instances of Bridge


All, thank you in advance for reading this.

What I have is this:

FM Repeater<> ASL Node (with DVSwitch) <> XLX (DMR it has AMBE chips for DSTAR) <> BM this works OK until we try to export our DSTAR to another clubs XLX
The interlink connection does not support bring the audio back into the first XLX from the second or third or fourth to the AMBE
So what I think I want to do is this

XLX  <>    FM Repeater    <>     XLX

All the XLX's need a separate connection via its own copy of the DVSwitch

I understand I need to make three copies of the MD380 and MMDVM folders and start them as separate services however what about the Analog_Bridge?  Do I need three copies of that also? I think I do to port the audio out to different versions of MD380 but does that mean I need three USRP radios in ALLSTAR?

How far back do I need three copies of everything?
Three USRP's?
Three Analog_Bridges? If so what do I need to change in each one? Just this emulatorAddress = or also all the audio ports also?

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