Re: Multiple instances of Bridge

Mike Zingman - N4IRR

I will start by saying I know nothing about the limitation you are running into with XLX (or even if it can be configured to do what you want).  With that being said, let's assume you DO want multiple XLX servers being fed from a single ASL source.  If you want to be a pioneer (arrows and all) do this:

- Three instances of MB,  each pointing at the XLX instance to service.
- One instance of AB and MD380 point back at the ASL USRP ports ([USRP] TXPort and RXPort)
- In that AB.ini, set the [AMBE_AUDIO] TXPort to feed all three MB instances thus:
TXPort = MB1,MB2,MB3 ; Where MB1,2,3 are the port numbers for each MB [DMR] RXPort in their DVSwitch.ini files
- In each MB instance, set the [DMR] TXPort to point back at the AB [AMBE_AUDIO] RXPort

Here is the discussion:  AB and MB now support multiple transmit ports when exporting information from one component to another.   So, in this case all DMR TLV frames that are emitted by AB will go to all three instances on MB (each on its own listening port).  The return path does not need this since there are three instances of MB, so each one is feeding the same listener for AB.

This is how this is intended to work, but I have to admit that if you do it then you will be a pioneer as I have not tried the specific configuration I outlined above.  Good luck Mr Phelps.

Mike N4IRR

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