YSF <> BM DMR Bridging - Best Way?

Jason McCormick N8EI

Hello all,

Is there any document/guidance on building a YSF to DMR (BM) connection the right way? Here's the situation.... I run XLX330 using xlxd + ambed. At one point it was working across all three modes (D-STAR, DMR, YSF) but something recently changed (seems like with BM DMR, but can't figure it out precisely) and the ambed process was exhausting the 3 channels available for transcoding. So I disabled our transcode link with BM3103 (TG #311070) and everything works fine with D-STAR <> YSF transcoding as it did before. D-STAR is public as DCS/XRF/REF330A and YSF is public as #83603. I want to re-add the DMR transcoding to the mix. I've tried MMDVM_Bridge to connect to the XLXD process using YSF and BM3103 for DMR. However I cannot get the connection to login whether using my personal ID or one of the repeater IDs. I also know that connecting to BM directly with MMDVM_Bridge isn't really supposed to be done, but I wanted to get stuff back on the air temporarily until we get a permanent solution. I can't find any further debugging/troubleshooting on the login process to tell me what is actually wrong. I can see the packets going back and forth in tcpdump but all I get is "DMR, Connection to the master has timed out, retrying connection". So I'm looking for different options.

Anyway, all that being said, is there a best way to do this? I was considering re-enabling DMR interlinking on XLX try to go the other way to another YSF service, but I'm not entirely clear how to host the YSF gateway in a separate application.

Anyone able to help?

Thanks in advance,
Jason N8EI

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