Re: DVSwitch-Mobile with ASL - control codes ignored and macros lost.

Steve N4IRS

Happy to help.
Since I built the original structure for ASL 1.01 I can tell you my thought process.
I wanted to make the sample config as simple as possible. With that in mind, I pointed the 3 entries at the same stanza.

functions = functions                 ; Repeater Function stanza
phone_functions = functions    ; Phone Function stanza
link_functions = functions           ; Link Function stanza

My expectation was that if someone wanted separate function stanzas, they would copy [functions]

Hope that helps,
73, Steve N4IRS

On 6/19/2020 1:02 PM, Barry G4MKT via wrote:
You are quite correct, it's now working, thanks for your perseverance!

I'm not sure where that structure came from, it might have been me, but I doubt it.
More likely it was in the original image, anyway it's academic now!

I owe you a beer - cheers :)

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