Re: Connection problem on Brandmeister PH5151 #brandmeister

Steve N4IRS

I tested all 3 IDs below all 3 logged into the Master with a password of passw0rd

# Id=5151041 OK
# Id=5150415 OK
# Id=5151131 OK

[DMR Network]

I don't know what else I can do. I asked you this before, are you running the dvlink image?


On 6/22/20 8:55 PM, ramon paulino wrote:
Hi Steve,
Thank you for your time.
I am only using my DMR ID 5151041 on this mode. That ID number came up to my attention because a fellow ham told me that my callsign is not showing up but that # id number.
On my BlueDV windows and android application I am using my dmr ID 5150415.
Although the ID # 5151131 is included in my BM self care. I opened a ticket on inquiring about that number. I got a reply telling that it is not included in my profile to them and if it it showed in my dashboard I should ask brandmeister.
I am really at a lost about my DMR ID 5151131. 
Again Thank you. 

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