Re: Cloud hosting

Steve N4IRS

I will say it took a little work to get the the $12.50 a year price. Just follow the $2.50 a month "track" and they will adjust. I paid $10 for the first 12 months. I installed Debian 9 64 bit and when I did a reinstall I was able to install Debian 10. For $10 I can play with it for a year.


On 6/25/20 10:22 PM, Pierre Martel wrote:
Do you know if they accept to BGP announce a /24 of 44 net ip address?

Le jeu. 25 juin 2020 à 21:28, Craig Davidson <k1bdx.craig@...> a écrit :
I am using for $12.50 a year.  That's a buck a month.

On several different machines we are running openvpn servers, simple
web pages, several IRLP reflectors, Another reflector for IRLP and
Echolink using software called The Linkbox, and also several Echolink
proxy servers.  They have been up continuously for a year and a half
with no problems or outages.

On 6/25/20, W8DSB <w8dsb@...> wrote:
> What is a good cloud hosting company? Who are you using and why?

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