Re: Cloud hosting

Tom Corcoran

Hello Steve,

I have successfully set up an image on Virmach on the budget plan you are using. However, when I go through the setup procedure using the W8RIK document, I get the following message near the very end of the install process when I execute the ./ command.

g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o APRSWriter.o APRSWriter.cpp
In file included from APRSWriter.cpp:19:0:
APRSWriter.h:36:17: fatal error: gps.h: No such file or directory
 #include <gps.h>
compilation terminated.

Any advice? I seem to be able to use the DMR function but none of the others. When I check the /opt/YSFGateway directory, I see a YSFGateway.ini file but no YSFGateway file. Same for P25 and NXDN. 


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