Re: Cloud hosting

Nomis Bayan Jr.

Thanks, Steve. This maybe cheaper than VULTR. Thanks.

On 6/28/2020 9:20 AM, Steve N4IRS wrote:

On 6/28/20 12:16 PM, Nomis Bayan Jr. wrote:


Is the $12.50 per year? Could you provide the provider?

On 6/28/2020 4:54 AM, W8DSB wrote:
I too was able to follow Steve's info and buy the $12.50 ($10.00) plan. I did get a ALLSTAR node to run as a test.

Attached is the info I used to setup the cloud I have now, It includes ALLSTAR, ALLMON2, DVSwitch, HBlink3 all working together in case this helps. I am not a Linux person by trade so when I find installs that work I keep files like this so I don't have to go back to the web each time I need to rebuild somethin


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