Re: Add XLX reflectors to Dstar

Steve N4IRS

This is what the "developers" sent:

- Create your reflector list (a text file) in /tmp called DSTAR_node_list.txt
- The file is a list of reflectors and human readable names:

REF001CL|||REF001 C

Where the REF001CL (for example) is REF 001 Charlie Link

and REF001 C is the text you will see on the DVSM menu

I would suggest your first entry be:

"       U|||Unlink"

Without the quotes, but including all spaces (they are significant)

- Once you have /tmp/DSTAR_node_list.txt created, upload it to your device with

a) make sure DVSM is running

2) make sure Analog_Bridge is also running


./ pushFileToClient /tmp/DSTAR_node_list.txt


On 6/29/20 9:27 AM, Derek William Haden wrote:

Well, I figured this out with the help of the developers.

It's reasonably simple for anyone who has a reasonable knowledge of Linux.
If anyone wants to know how, just message me via this or FB.

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