Re: enabling an AMBE dongle

Steve N4IRS

It's all about power.

On 7/6/20 1:43 PM, Aerodan wrote:
I'm using the ThumbDV without issue. The solution for me, not skipping any of these steps:

1_ Make sure that the Pi4 works with DMR and the default audio driver. If not, ThumbDV isn't the issue.

2_ I picked up a "Nekteck 72W 4 port USB C wall charger station" from Amazon.

3_ Plugged my entire Raspberry Pi4 into it the Nekteck. I have two Pi4's running off of it without issue, one with ThumbDV one without. That's all that I have powered.

4_ Plugged ThumbDV in one of the Pi4's USB 2.0 ports. Run AMBEtest4 a couple of times to be sure it's working.

5_ Run AMBEtest4 a couple of times and verify that the ThumbDV passes.

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