Re: Error, DVSwitch.ini file not found.. But it's right there?!


are you root ?

check ownership

On 7/9/2020 9:12 PM, w2jon@... wrote:
Hey Guys/Gals, 
I'm having a strange error.. I have DVSwitch up and running on an ASL deployment and I had configured ASL NODE 1999 for use as a bridge to DMR.
It works just dandy, So I figured it was time to move forward and see about lighting up DStar and maybe another mode.. but for now DStar was the one I was going to start with.

I when I manually invoke a ./ mode DSTAR the script comes back with the error that the DVSwitch.ini cant be found?
I checked the script and the DVSWITCH_INI variable points to /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/DVSwitch.ini and after checking several if not tens of times, YES the file lives in there along with MMDVM_Bridge and MMDVM_Bridge.ini

What gives? what did I mess up?
I think that in the file, I can see that it it's supposed to parse the file and if it cant find the values it assumes its because the file isn't available?
The file permissions are 755 but I have also tried at 777 and it still fails. 

Oh , and YES the [DSTAR] schema is present in the DVSwitch.ini as well as it's associated TXPort and RXPort values this process is looking for.
And the [D-Star] Enable=1 is set in the MMDVM_Bridge.ini..

Thanks, any insight is appreciated.  

-jon W2JON


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