Re: Error, DVSwitch.ini file not found.. But it's right there?!


Are you sure you did not mean DVSwitch.ini 'not found' ?

If so set path and check permissions and ownership of the .ini file

On 7/9/2020 9:31 PM, w2jon@... wrote:
Crazy... Still no worky..
parseIniFile "$DVSWITCH_INI" "$_MODE" "TXPort"
++ parseIniFile ./opt/MMDVM_Bridge/DVSwitch.ini DSTAR TXPort
++ python -
+ _MBTX=
parseIniFile "$DVSWITCH_INI" "$_MODE" "RXPort"
++ parseIniFile ./opt/MMDVM_Bridge/DVSwitch.ini DSTAR RXPort
++ python -
+ _MBRX=
+ '[' '!' -z ']'
+ echo 'Error, DVSwitch.ini file not found'
Error, DVSwitch.ini file not found

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