Re: Error, DVSwitch.ini file not found.. But it's right there?!


This was put onto an ARCH 4.14.97 OS .Why Arch? it was a Crompton ASL payload and I wanted to enhance it with DVSwitch.
It's been up running happily for some time now so I cant remember all that much about the build.
All of the /opt Symbolic links are all pointing back to the respective sources but they are under the /usr/local/dvswitch-2019-3-16/opt/...

I know it's not a standard deployment and I shouldn't expect any support but the question remains, Why does it not see the file when it is actually there. 
The script is just looking for a file at a location right? Even if I define the long path it still complanes..
Mind you I am no Linux guru.. I only know enough to cobble things together to get them to work. Clearly my last cobble has some flaws in it.
But can we get around this? I'll take the lumps.. That's how we learn...other than my overall build, where did I go wrong?

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