Add System Fusion to our network


All, I have a FM repeater <> ALLSTAR <> DVSWITCH <> HBLINK <> BRANDMEISTER & ALL our CLUBS HOTSPOTS (about 70 of them)

Let me start off by saying I am not a System Fusion users. I own DSTAR and DMR radios so I have to reply on club members to tell me when it works.

I want to add in System Fusion so users with only Fusion radios can come in via digital when outside the repeater area. Right now only DMR users can get in via BM or via a hotspot directly to our HBLINK hub.

What do I need to do to add C4FM to the MIX?

I assume it has to be at the DVSWITCH level. For DMR I used analog_bridge (connects to allstar) <> md380-emu <> mmdvm_bridge (connects to HBLink)

Do I need a second copy of all three services?

Can I turn on System Fusion in the same files DMR is turned on and use one service. If you answer can you please post examples so I can understand more clearly. We are NOT looking to connect to any other System Fusion networks we just want a simple MMDVM hotspot to connect via HBlink and decode to DMR and also to FM as it does now with DMR.

Thanks - Darrell W8DSB

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