a guide i put together for installing VDVLINK (VirtualBox)

Orrin Winton

Hopefully this is the right group to post this to.

Based on the EA5GVK/EA7JCL info, including their pages on how to install the .vdi
file into VirtualBox, plus very helpful material written by Dave WA3LXD, i made an
installation guide.

It doesn't claim to be the last word, but it's how i got going with VDVLINK and DV-Switch.
The Virtual DV-Link runs for days no problem. I have it running on both the Win10 and the
Ubuntu versions of VirtualBox. ... My only complaint is that so far i have not been able to
get D-Star running. But DMR-YSF-P25-NXDN run fine. I only use it for DMR 3100 anyway.

It was fun putting it together, as i read Spanish very well and it was enjoyable doing a little
translating. The screenshots from the EA5GVK/EA7JCL VirtualBox setup are for v8 of
VDVLINK, but they are applicable to 9.7.0 and later.

Comments are welcome, but please only if you try my "guide" and run into problems, and
please not on this list.    orrin.winton at gmail.com

73 de WN1Z

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