"Muted" prompt #analog_bridge

Michael Rickey (AF6FB)

We have DVSwitch running with a connection to BrandMeister to our AllStar server. I think this is MMDVM_Host <-> analog_bridge. The AllStar server is the hub of our analog repeater network.

We are having a problem that sprouts up after about four hours of operation. We start getting key-up on our analog repeaters with the word "muted", it is muffled and hard to understand, but we think this is what it's saying. The logs show network traffic coming from the DMR side, but we don't hear it if we monitor the talkgroup.

Is there something in the DVSwitch stack of software, or maybe in AllStar that would broadcast the word "muted? I'm hoping this will help us determine the issue.

Any help you can provide would be helpful.

Michael AF6FB

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