mmdvm_bridge won’t start on boot after update #mmdvm_bridge

Chris Whitam

Good Evening, I have a pi setup with The Quantar bridge suite of software which has been running with no problem for a year or two now. (When I turn it on). As there
had been no updates to the os or dvswitch since then, I went ahead and did a apt-get update and apt-get upgrade.  Now the mmdvm_bridge will no longer automatically start on boot up, however quantar_bridge, p25gateway, etc all still work fine.  If I do systemctl mmdvm_bridge the mmdvm bridge starts running right away and then everything works like normal, it just will not automatically start.  I tried a systemctl disable mmdvm_bridge, then reboot, then systemctl enable mmdvm_bridge and that had no effect.  Anyone have any other ideas so that I do not have to manually start mmdvm_bridge every time the pi powers up. Thanks!  

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