AllStar and DummyRepeater


I'm looking to build a a gateway between AllStar and D-STAR, and I've
seen references to using DummyRepeater and IRCDDBGateway, instead of
Analog_Bridge.  This has the advantage for me of being able to repurpose
a blue DV Dongle to do the DSAMBE conversion, saving a bit of money and
postage time (postage is quite slow these days)

I am aware there is a modification for DummyRepeater that allows it to
use the USRP interface, making it a perfect fit for AllStar, and I have
the AllStar side configured.  However, from there, documentation seems
to be lacking, and I couldn't find the patch (found a dead Guthub link).

Anyone have any more info?

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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