Re: Problem after Power Blip

Steve N4IRS

I don't see anything wrong.
Restart MMDVM_Bridge
Check selfcare and make sure it's showing the bridge logged in.


On 8/2/20 4:13 PM, Brad N8PC wrote:
  I had a power Blip and reset everything. The problem is I can hear my DMR audio from Brandmeister thru the Bridge over my repeater.
I see on brandmeister that my repeater is sending data to brandmeister but nothing is heard over my DMR from them. example:

DMR to Hotspot to BM to TG 314651 to AB over repeater works fine
Analog to AB to MB to Brandmeister tg 314651 sees packets but
Brandmeister to tg 314651 to my hotspot nothing heard and no data.

Please help me understand that. it also doesn't matter what server or talk group I use same results.
attaching logs for your viewing

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