Re: AllStar and DummyRepeater

Steve N4IRS

Maybe I was not clear. The files are at <>
This is the modification to dummy repeater to communicate with ASL.

Steve N4IRS

On 8/7/20 5:34 AM, Tony Langdon wrote:
Thanks.  Well, the newer methods seem to require a ThumbDV or similar,
which I don't have, meaning additional cost, and worse still these days,
lengthy mail order delays, with the global postal system affected by

But I do have a blue DV Dongle, which I'm hoping to repurpose for this
job, hence looking at DummyRepeater.

Of course, if there's other ways to make use of the DV Dongle as part of
a gateway, I'm open to those as well.  It's likely I've missed some
information somewhere.

On 5/8/20 8:24 pm, Steve N4IRS wrote:
Sorry, I did not see this when you posted. I have restored my old copy
of the info on using DummyRepeater.
A you know, we no longer use this method to connect AllStar to D-Star.
The files are at <>

73, Steve N4IRS

On 8/2/20 5:21 AM, Tony Langdon wrote:
I'm looking to build a a gateway between AllStar and D-STAR, and I've
seen references to using DummyRepeater and IRCDDBGateway, instead of
Analog_Bridge.  This has the advantage for me of being able to repurpose
a blue DV Dongle to do the DSAMBE conversion, saving a bit of money and
postage time (postage is quite slow these days)

I am aware there is a modification for DummyRepeater that allows it to
use the USRP interface, making it a perfect fit for AllStar, and I have
the AllStar side configured.  However, from there, documentation seems
to be lacking, and I couldn't find the patch (found a dead Guthub link).

Anyone have any more info?

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