Re: Analog_Bridge Allstar Link Guidance

JJ Cummings


I’ll provide an example of how I’m doing it for 310815 <-> the fun machine ( in Colorado when I get home this evening.

J Cummings

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On Dec 28, 2017, at 11:12, Corey Badgley KC7MRQ <kc7mrq@...> wrote:

I'm doing the same thing as Ed, but just don't understand what I am doing and need some hand-holding guidance.
So far I have updated rpt.conf file and have a node number using the USRP channel and its loaded in the manager.conf file.

I have the thumbDV connected to the pi and Initial testing AMBETest4 failed until I changed to a higher current power supply. Then, the test succeeded.

I followed the instructions per the DMRGateway notes and installed the files in the /opt folder and edited the Ini file.
All the testing was successful per the instructions.

I git cloned your response above into the /opt folder and followed those instructions.

I edited the hblink.cfg by enabling the client stanza and changed the lines that seemed applicable. 

So how do I "turn it all on" to bridge ASL 29847 to TG31304?


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