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Steve N4IRS

Are you trying to bridge YSF to DMR? Are you trying to use your existing YSF <-> ASL bridge as part of the YSF to DMR? One thing I can tell you from your e-mail, forget hoseline. It does not work most (all) of the time.
As far as troubleshooting, use the logs. They will show you the traffic passing across a bridge.

Steve N4IRS

On 8/7/2020 2:53 PM, Perry Buch wrote:
So I have a Linode (VPS) that has DV switch installed, I've successfully configured Analog Bridge for ASL and DMR, so I think I have a rudimentary understanding whats going on.

I am part owner of a repeater here in Austin that is YSF DR2x its currently configured oniste with a Analog Bridge to YSF setup thats has been working well for several without issue. I can connect to the reflector via pistar hotspot and crossmode DMR to YSF.

I've read the wiki article  and configured my MMDVM_bridge.ini and DvSwitch.ini. The goal here is to merely have an access point on Brandmeister for a DMR bridge that to the YSF reflector and let his Analog_Bridge take care of the transcoding locally. That way people who don't have access to a hotspot that can do a crossmode, or for linking other DMR repeaters for nets can easily do so through BM.

My expectation is that when I key up the Talkgroup I should hear it come out the analog side of the system. But I don't, I can see on the hoseline that Im keying it up, but I get no audio on hoseline or on the analog side. I feel like I am losing it so any help would be appreciated.

Here is my Stanza for YSF and DMR in DVSwitch ini.... 

I have questions around the Fallback ID and Export Talkgroup since the goal is for it to just be a DMR gateway of sorts, what am I supposed to put as the Export TG? I elaborate in the sections below


Address =             ; Address to send AMBE TLV frames to (export)

TXPort = 35100                  ; Port to send AMBE TLV frames to (export)

RXPort = 35103                  ; Port to listen on (import)

FallbackID = This should just be the same as my DMR ID?           ; In case we can not find a valid DMR id in the database, export this one

ExportTG =    I'm having trouble understanding what this is for, is this supposed to be a DMR TG number? what if Im using my ID as a Talkgroup while I wait for approval of one from Brandmeister?             

Slot = 2                        ; Export slot


Address =             ; Address to send AMBE TLV frames to (export)

TXPort = 31100                  ; Port to send AMBE TLV frames to (export)

RXPort = 31103                  ; Port to listen on (import)

Slot = 2                        ; Export slot

Here is my MMDVM_Bridge config







[System Fusion]


[DMR Network]






# for DMR+ see

# for XLX the syntax is: Options=XLX:4009

# Options=




[System Fusion Network]








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