ASL to P25 bridge #analog_bridge


I want to make a bridge between ASL and P25. I understand that I must use the USRP channel driver and ports 32001, 34001.
I believe the flow is ASL<->analog_bridge<->MMDVM<->P25gateway<->P25reflector.
I have several questions:
1) Can I do this without a DV3000?
2) What ports are used between modules? 
AMBE_audio to MMDVM 32010, 42020 ?
MMDVM to P25gateway 34103,34100  ?
3) The analog_bridge.ini files that I have seen on the web appear to have DMR stuff like ToDMR port, FromDRM port,slot , color. When I install analog bridge will I see that or P25 settings?
Tom / K5TRA

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