Re: ASL to P25 bridge #analog_bridge

Steve N4IRS

If you see no activity ASL --> AB the something is wrong here:
Analog_Bridge.ini       DVSwitch.ini
[AMBE_AUDIO]            [P25]          
address = <->
Address =
txPort = 34103 <------> RXPort = 34103        
rxPort = 34100 <------> TXPort = 34100

On 8/10/20 6:30 PM, Tom wrote:
OK, I changed the AB ini file.

I can see ASL activity on AB log. I see no corresponding changes in mmdvm log.

The mmdvm log also states: Remote Gateway: no   Is that correct?

How do I test beyond AB to see ASL originated activity.

Also Activity on the Reflector don't seem to interact with the Gateway.


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