Re: ASL to P25 bridge #analog_bridge

Steve N4IRS


A general comment, most of the default values are setup for the more common connectivity. Most of the default values will "just work" Off the top of my head AB <-> P25 only needed changes in AB.ini.

On 8/10/20 8:38 PM, Tom wrote:
The Host files are in ./ . I copied the P25Hosts.ini from /var/lib/mmdvm and the Private_P25Hosts is there; but empty.

By commenting out the RptAddress , it seems to have fixed the remaining issues. THANK YOU. I still need to set audio levels, but that should be easy.

A final couple of questions:
1)     Why remove the RptAddress (what is the significance / purpose of that param)?
RptAddress is valid in the [General] stanza, not in the network stanza
2)     What are valid settings for InactivityTimeout ?   I assume it is in units of minutes. Is a value of 0 valid ? Does that set it to infinity?
Yes, it's in minutes. 0=no timeout
3)     How is Parrot used in MB ?
Its not, it used by the Gateway
4)     How can I change the reflector connection (on the fly)?  Do I need to rewrite the P25Gateway.ini and restart the service?
No, you can used tune 10200 to tune to NA. (BTW, no Analog to P25 bridges on NA)
run without parameters will show you what it can do. It's very capable.

73, Steve N4IRS

Thanks again,

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