Re: ASL to P25 bridge #analog_bridge

Steve N4IRS

I cleaned some of the early ASL DAHDI troubleshoot messages out of the thread (86 messages) I hope someone reading the thread will learn some things.

Steve N4IRS

On 8/10/20 8:38 PM, Tom wrote:
The Host files are in ./ . I copied the P25Hosts.ini from /var/lib/mmdvm and the Private_P25Hosts is there; but empty.

By commenting out the RptAddress , it seems to have fixed the remaining issues. THANK YOU. I still need to set audio levels, but that should be easy.

A final couple of questions:
1)     Why remove the RptAddress (what is the significance / purpose of that param)?
2)     What are valid settings for InactivityTimeout ?   I assume it is in units of minutes. Is a value of 0 valid ? Does that set it to infinity?
3)     How is Parrot used in MB ?
4)     How can I change the reflector connection (on the fly)?  Do I need to rewrite the P25Gateway.ini and restart the service?

Thanks again,

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