Re: asl.macro documentation / examples #analog_bridge

Steve N4IRS

For what you are doing, you will use the macro functions to run a external program. That program is If you run without any parameters:

root@dvswitch:/var/www/html# /opt/Analog_Bridge/
         { version | mode | tune | ambesize | ambemode | slot | update | tlvAudio | usrpAudio | usrpCodec | tlvPorts |
           info | show | lookup | mute | message | macro |
           pushfile | collectProcessDataFiles | collectProcessPushDataFiles | pushurl | collectProcessPushDataFilesHTTP }
         version {AB|MB|ALL}                             Show version of, Analog_Bridge or MMDVM_Bridge
         mode {DMR|NXDN|P25|YSF|DSTAR}                   Set Analog_Bridge digital mode
         tune tg                                         Tune to specific TG/Reflector
         ambesize {72|88|49}                             Set number of bits for ambe data
         ambemode {DMR|NXDN|P25|YSFN|YSFW|DSTAR}         Set AMBE mode
         slot {1|2}                                      Set DMR slot to transmit on
         update                                          Update callsign and host databases
         tlvAudio mode gain                              Set AMBE audio mode and gain
         usrpAudio mode gain                             Set PCM audio mode and gain
         usrpAgc threshold slope decay                   Set PCM audio agc threshold slope and decay
         usrpCodec {SLIN|ULAW|ADPCM}                     Set AB -> DVSM/UC audio codec
         tlvPorts rxport txport                          Set Analog_Bridge receive and transmit ports
         info                                            Update ABInfo and send to DVSM/UC
         show                                            Pretty print the ABInfo json file
         lookup                                          Lookup a DMR ID/call in the local database
         mute {OFF|USRP|TLV|BOTH}                        Cause Aanlog_Bridge to mute a stream
         message msg                                     Send a text message to DVSM/UC
         macro {file|text}                               Send a macro collection to DVSM
         pushfile file                                   Push file to DVSM
         pushurl url                                     Push URL to DVSM
         collectProcessDataFiles                         Collect and prepare DVSM data files
         collectProcessPushDataFiles                     Collect, prepare and upload DVSM data files
         collectProcessPushDataFilesHTTP                 Collect, prepare and upload DVSM data files over http
         reloadDatabase                                  Tell AB to reload database files into memory
         getEnabledModes                                 Return the list of enabled modes in MB.ini

for example you would create a macro to run a external program in rpt.conf
73 = /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ tune 10200 would tell AB and MB to change TG to 10200 update would download all the host files and databases needed to /var/lib/dvswitch and /var/lib/mmdvm

Steve N4IRS

On 8/11/2020 10:43 AM, Tom wrote:
ASL to control. I see provisions for that in the files; but no detail.

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