HB_bridge and Analog_bridge


Tested  my mmdvm repeater  on reflector.dvswitch.org port 62031.


Works OK  on 9900 parrot  and on 3167 .


Looked on Brandmeister Last Heard list  ,  Callsign are showing  OK…


But no luck with  Hoseline.  Not showing my call sign nor audio…


Also tested   local  hb_parrot.py  , all OK ,  local Parrot is working fine .


Still working   with hb_bridge_all.py and hb_confbridge.py .


Lot of reading and  brain  cramps…


Looked trough the Wiki to find  HB_bridge or Analog_bridge partners apps ( ????),


Are they available for testing  yet ?????   Shure  willing to  give it a try …..


Testing  on  ambe_audio and  DMRGateway ( before renaming to Analog_bridge )  where


a great learning tool….




Richard VE2DJE



Provenance : Courrier pour Windows 10


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