Re: [Quantar-Bridge] ASL <-> P25 howto document

Steve N4IRS

On 8/15/20 5:05 AM, Tony Langdon wrote:
On 13/8/20 12:04 pm, Steve N4IRS wrote:
I have posted the updated document.
Thanks Steve, I thought I'd give it a try, more for the exercise - now I
need a P25 radio! :D  Results:

ASL - Analog_Bridge working.
Analog_Bridge - MMDVM_Bridge - Also working, I am seeing transmissions
from ASL appearing in the log as P25 being sent to P25Gateway.

But when I examine the P25Gateway logs, there is no activity, other than
the hourly updating of the hosts files.

Should I see anything in the P25Gateway log when traffic passes through?
No, the gateway is pretty quiet. If you really want to see something, turn on debug.

I've used the same ports as in the documentation for everything except
between ASL and Analog_Bridge.  These were changed, because I have
multiple USRP interfaces running.

And another question.  How does one find out what P25 talkgroups are out
there?  The P25Hosts file is dated 2018 (is there a way to update this
from somewhere?), and P-Star seems to have a newer one.  And how do I
get a talkgroup listed, so other P25 gateways can find it?  Google was
quite unhelpful here. :(
See this thread <>

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