Re: [Quantar-Bridge] ASL <-> P25 howto document

Steve N4IRS

On 8/15/20 5:05 AM, Tony Langdon wrote:
On 13/8/20 12:04 pm, Steve N4IRS wrote:
I have posted the updated document.
Thanks Steve, I thought I'd give it a try, more for the exercise - now I
need a P25 radio! :D  Results:

ASL - Analog_Bridge working.
Analog_Bridge - MMDVM_Bridge - Also working, I am seeing transmissions
from ASL appearing in the log as P25 being sent to P25Gateway.

But when I examine the P25Gateway logs, there is no activity, other than
the hourly updating of the hosts files.

Should I see anything in the P25Gateway log when traffic passes through?

I've used the same ports as in the documentation for everything except
between ASL and Analog_Bridge.  These were changed, because I have
multiple USRP interfaces running.

And another question.  How does one find out what P25 talkgroups are out
there?  The P25Hosts file is dated 2018 (is there a way to update this
from somewhere?), and P-Star seems to have a newer one.  And how do I
get a talkgroup listed, so other P25 gateways can find it?  Google was
quite unhelpful here. :(
As to updating the host file, update will update all the data and host files. (/var/lib/dvswitch and /var/lib/mmdvm)

Steve N4IRS

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