Re: DStar on DV Switch Mobile


On 23/8/20 3:06 am, Derek William Haden wrote:
As I understand it (Could be wrong) you have to enable DStar in
DVswitch, and you will need a DV dongle, because the emulator is fine
for DMR, but not for DStar.
Yes, D-STAR requires a hardware vocoder, because there are no decent
software vocoders for that audio format.  I tried D-STAR in DroidStar
once, where there was no hardware option, and the audio was very poor,
practically unreadable.  You _can_ enable the software vocoder in
Analog_Bridge, but not recommended.  As one set of instructions put it -
"You won't like the result".

Normally, D-STAR would be setup with an AMBE3000 device, either on the
DVSwitch host or via an AMBEServer.  On my multimode gateway, I had an
original DV Dongle lying around doing nothing, so I used ircDDBGateway
and DummyRepeater to do the transcoding, since DummyRepeater supports
the DV Dongle hardware.

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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