Stacato audio on DVSM

Derek William Haden <facebook@...>

I have a fresh install of OS on Raspi (Buster).
I have Ambe server running, which I know works as I can hook up BlueDV ambe to it and get great audio.
DVswitch AB is linked to the ambe server,
I have scoured the ini files for any clue as to what might be happening here, but I am at a loss.
I have attached an audio file to this post in mp3 format, it's only about 30 seconds long.
If anyone knows how I can fix this problem I would be appreciative.

I have exactly the same hardware running the EA5GVK DVlink image and have no problems with that at all, so pretty sure this isn't hardware.

Many thanks in advance, as always grateful there are folk in this world smarter than me.

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