Re: Stacato audio on DVSM

Steve N4IRS

OK, let's leave it that way for now.
stop AMBEServer
edit Analog_Bridge.ini
; address =                   ; IP address of AMBEServer
; rxPort = 2460                         ; Port of AMBEServer
address = /dev/ttyUSB0              ; Device of DV3000U on this machine
baud = 460800                       ; Baud rate of the dongle (230400 or 460800)
serial = true                       ; Use serial=true for direct connect or serial=false for AMBEServer

restart Analog_Bridge an retest

On 8/27/2020 12:01 PM, Derek William Haden wrote:
Booted to console as you asked.
So running headless.
still same problem

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