Re: Multiple private nodes one cloud server using DVSwitch Mobile - Audio Issues. #brandmeister #mmdvm_bridge #analog_bridge

Steve N4IRS

As I said, your diagram shows both DVSM and ASL connected to AB. (on different ports.)
Let's stick with #2
Show me your DVSwitch.ini file.
Show me your AB log when there is traffic from BM.


On 8/31/20 7:09 PM, Willie Sandin wrote:
#1 works thru all the way. it is connected to ASL 52417

#2 & #3 both connect to <BM> and the hot spots are active. Not connected to ASL at all currently.  Using DVMobile, they Transmit, Pass Audio to the Talkgroup, either set thru DVMobile, or as a default TG (Commented out above).  The issue is no return audio to DV Mobile.  On DVMobile, there also is no return traffic (RX Bytes) under Status.  Only (TX Bytes)

I have tried as the same USRP port, switching the USRP server as well.  Same result.

I drew the diagram as I see it in my head, am I missing something or have something located incorrectly?

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