Re: Multiple private nodes one cloud server using DVSwitch Mobile - Audio Issues. #brandmeister #mmdvm_bridge #analog_bridge

Steve N4IRS

Correct. The problem I have with the diagram is it is showing both connections to AB. That may confuse someone trying to connect both DVSM and ASL at the same time.

On 9/1/2020 9:58 AM, Willie Sandin wrote:
So for clarification, Asterisk (ASL) uses ports 32001 and 34001 back to USRP to bridge correct?  

I showed DVSwitch at both points as one is using USRP (with port #'s), the other is using (iaxclient) as entrance points. (OPTIONS)  For what I am doing now, I am using only the USRP direct into the Analog Bridge.


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