On 8/9/20 8:42 am, Bradley Haney wrote:
Hello all    I got everything running and the audio from DMR   to 
ANALOG sounds great..   It sounds real crisp on the analog side..   

Analog to  DMR sounds really muffled ..    I know  I am full quiet
into the machine as I am at the machine site and seeing everything
first hand but   I am at a lost on where to find the settings to get
rid of the  low muffled and   to get it more crisp  and more volume
out of it..

Any help at all would be great..  
Can you give more details of your setup?  Muffled analog audio can have
many causes, from microphone to anything in the chain between the
microphone and Analog_Bridge.  Is there any RF involved?  Or is this a
DVSM setup?

In my experience, this issue occurs in the analog chain, before the
audio gets to Analog_Bridge.  I'm running a multimode link, which
includes analog, and audio is generally very good, except for specific
sources (e.g. Echolink PC users are notorious for muffled audio, because
many PC mics are very bassy).

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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