Re: Allstar USRP host

Steve N4IRS

What error do you get?
What is in the log?
Do you have the USRP node in the node stanza?


On 01/05/2018 09:46 PM, Mike Swiatkowski via Groups.Io wrote:
I'm having problems connecting my allstar USRP nodes (i.e node number that interfaces to analog_bridge) to other USRP nodes.  I have no problem connecting the USRP to a URIx hardware node.  But, I cannot do it the other way around, like hardware URIx to USRP.  So, does anyone have any idea why I am having this problem of not being able to connect my USRP nodes to anything but a physical hardware node (like a URIx interface) and how I can fix it?

Mike, AA9VI

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