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Jim - K6JM


Thanks for pointing out scrolling offers more options at and yes, the server Steve documented is still available for the discounted price he paid:

At, select VPS -> Affordable Linux VPS ->Scroll right to Micro+ ->Buy Now

A popup explains Micro+ is no longer available, but you can get a similar package SSD256. Click Continue and follow Steve's recommended selections. You end up with SSD256:

* 256MB memory
* 500GB bandwidth
* 10GB disk

at their Chicago datacenter for $12.50/year with a 1st year $2.50 discount.

For fun, I got the above configuration. I do not have any DVSwitch projects yet, so as an experiment I configured a LEMP (Linux, nginx, MySQL, PHP) server with WordPress. While DV servers work fine using the IP address, web servers are better with a domain name, so I got a free one from FreeNom. It all works for $10 for the 1st year:

Jim - K6JM

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