Analog_Bridge not outputting to STDOUT or STDERR?

Matthew 2E0SIP

Hi All,

I am trying to run MMDVM_Bridge, Analog_Bridge etc in Docker to make my bridge a little more portable. If I actually get it working nicely I'll endeavour make it public.

By default docker writes the output to STDOUT and STDERR to the log, however with Analog_Bridge most of the output is missing. I've tried redirecting STD* to no avail. Please see the attached image - only the lines in red (STDERR) are included in the Docker logs.

I've done some googling and one theory is the process is writing directly to the TTY rather than STDOUT / STDERR

When someone gets a moment could they take a look at the code and confirm how these lines are being displayed?

Also whilst I'm here I was wondering if you could confirm if Analog_Bridge, MMDVM_Bridge etc support DNS? 


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