Re: XLX Reflector to DMR talk group bridge on server cloud issue

Steve N4IRS

1: yes
2: yes, just in case, I built the most current amd64 binary this morning.
3: will try to look at logs later today.

Steve N4IRS

On 9/14/20 1:42 AM, David Young wrote:
Ok,  I read through the earlier posts on using DVSwitch to bridge XLX reflector to DMR talk group.  Per what I read there was an addition made to MMDVM_Bridge which when using DVSwitch would allow bridging without using DMRGateway.  It appears from the post thread that the changes were only made to the MMDVM_Bridge binary which is used for a Raspberry Pi.  I am trying to bridge XLX to TGIF DMR talk group from a cloud server using the MMDVM_Bridge binary updated to the latest version available for AMD_64 without using DMRGateway.  I have copied the new DVSwitch.ini file which includes the additional entry lines in the DMR standza and when I configure the bridge using separate copies of MMDVM_Bridge in different folders with two different DVSwitch.ini files, one for each MMDVM_Bridge it appears to work as I hoped.  Here's my problem, after some period of time and in the log files included in this post that time period is approximately 2.5 hours, MMDVM shuts down and I get an error message upon MMDVM restarting automatically stating "cannot bind the UDP address, err 98" and next line states "cannot open listener port 31103".  These same error messages also show up in the log for the XLX MMDVM_Bridge.  I have tried changing the DVSwitch ports 31100 and 31103 to 31600 and 31603, but get the same results after running for some time period.  So my questions are:
1.  Have the updates stated in earlier posts made for MMDVM_Bridge for Raspberry Pi systems been made also to MMDVM_Bridge for amd_64?
2.  If not, will the amd_64 MMDVM_Bridge binary be updated sometime soon?
3.  If they have already been updated, any suggestions on how to fix the above errors from occurring?



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