Re: XLX Reflector to DMR talk group bridge on server cloud issue

David Young

Hi Steve,
I did download the latest binaries today. 
I reinstalled both the XLX server and DVSwitch modules and updated the MMDVM_Bridge binary afterwards on a different cloud server as I was not happy with the original server operation.  After I reinstalled everything and started it up it worked for maybe 30 minutes and again stopped with those same error messages.  Interesting that in the log it states that MMDVM stopped and it automatically restarted which then caused these errors.
Now this is strange, I restarted the bridge and left the active terminal window open in SSH to view activity for just over 2 hours and it was working without errors, as soon as I closed down the SSH session the bridge stopped working and when I reconnected and looked at the log it generated the same errors.  Maybe this is a clue?

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