Re: YSF on mmdvm switch mobile, help setup, please

Brad N8PC

Yaesu repeaters use wires-x. it is not the same as what is used for MMDVM for FCS and YSF chat rooms

On 9/18/2020 4:37 AM, IZ4BKK wrote:
Hi guys,
I have made a YSF setup on my rasperry's mmdvm switch mobile, and it's run fine BUT there is an issue :
When I select the "Room Italy" (my country) or another ysf room, I can trasmit only to rf MMDVM based repeaters , and not to original yaesu rf repeaters.
Someone can review my ysf setup please? Any suggestion please?
Thanks in advance and sorry for my english.

73 de iz4bkk Andrea

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