Re: Anysecu / Inrico B01 BT Microphone

Tito Lopez - YN1OB

Wrong group

On Sat, Sep 19, 2020, 1:41 PM Jose - EA5SW <> wrote:
Hello , I have now an Anysecu B01 Bluetooth Microphone, it's a great Bluetooth mic that work very well with Zello app.
The normal BT mode connected to any mobile phone make a great Rx sound and modulation.
You need to route the audio via BT mono app, but sound good.

The buttons for PTT, SOS and select channel + and - are defined into the serial service. When you press any of the buttons the value are send via serial and received into the smartphone.

It's possible implement those serial service into dvswitch mobile to make those buttons operative?

 I think that many of these Chinese BT mics works in this way and are very good for hams.

If anyone of developers need more information or videos, please contact.

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