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Neil k8it

Jay I think I might be able to help you with your project please send me your phone number in a direct email and I will call you to discuss.

Thanks 73 Neil Sablatzky K8IT

On 5 Oct 2020 13:00, "Jay" wrote:

My goal is to interface my Allstar to DVSWitch in a manner somewhat like the DVSWitch mobile app where I can change Modes and TG/Rooms/Reflectors from an analog radio keypad once connected to Allstar.  In my case a Allstar personnel Low Power Node at my residence or in the Mobile as a portable.

I can Interface DMR, YSF, etc as separate Private Nodes ok, but that is not my goal.  My DVSwitch configuration works well with the Mobile Client, but I want to use an Analog radio.

I would like to connect to my Allstar node, then through to DVSwitch and send DVSwitch commands, via either AllStar Commands, Funcitons or Macros (or send DVSwitch Commands directly) to switch mode and then TG, etc,   Talk, then disconnect.

I know others probably have this working fine, but after a lot of hours, I cannot wrap my head around the configuration and methodology.  I have tried a ton of things that almost work, but not really.  My Allstar node and DVSwitch are on separate Pi's at the moment for experimenting and  testing.  I have tried ASL and HamVOIP with the same results.

Thanks for any assistance.

jb  N4NQY

If any one has this working well and dont mind sharing their knowledge, you are free to post here or off and try my email call # or QRZ address. I am pretty sure there are others stumped on this.  


jb   N4NQY

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