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David Martin

Hello Dimitri,


I have had good success (mostly) using a Nextion screen with MMDVM_Bridge. 

It works well on Receive but not at all on transmit. Transmit is not too much of a problem though as it’s only myself.

I am using NextionDriver 1.18 and a 3.5” basic screen. 

Initially there was no TXRx frequencies, CPU Temperature or location. But found ‘#define XTRA’ in NextionDriver.h to enable these.


I have only tested this on DMR so far


Are you trying to get the Transmit information to show?  If so I would be interested in what you come up with as a solution.


Regards  David VK3KQT.






From: [] On Behalf Of Dimitri F5SWB
Sent: Tuesday, 6 October 2020 11:27 PM
Subject: [DVSwitch] MMDVM log #mmdvm_bridge


Hello, I need to parse the MMDVM log to get some informations to show on a Nextion screen ...
Regarding to the ini file :

Logging levels, 0=No logging, 1=Debug, 2=Message, 3=Info, 4=Warning, 5=Error, 6=Fatal


I would like to get only one file named mmdvm.log without the date like mmdvm.log for example ...

is there anything that I can do with the logging levels ?

If not, another way will be appreciated also.

Many thanks in advance !

F5SWB Dimitri.


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