Re: URL update in

Steve N4IRS

FYI, this is the current version:
root@DVSwitch-Server:~# /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ -v version 1.5.9

On 10/20/20 5:05 PM, k7wby@... wrote:
The complete version of how to update with the correct urls to the database.

cd /opt/Analog_Bridge
ls -al (look for, if its not there then look in /opt/MMDVM_Bridge. If it's in MMDVM_Bridge then stop, you have the latest version.)
cp dvswitch.old (humor me and make a quick backup just for fun)
rm (delete the original version)
chmod +x (make it executable)
./ update (if this runs and does not produce any errors then you're golden. if you get errors, then start at the beginning and try again.)

if all goes according to plan then
rm dvswitch.old 

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