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David Martin

Thanks Steve for the update.
I must say the latest MB on GitHub works well now with my Nextion screen NextionDriver combination. 
Only tested on DMR parrot at present but shows both tx and rx now.  Will try other modes shortly.

Thanks again for your (and team) efforts.

Thanks Dave Martin VK3KQT

On Fri, Oct 23, 2020, 01:01 Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:
I let the cat out of the bag in the Mobile subgroup so for everyone else...

We have  been working to enhance AB, MB and We have been trying to squash bugs and provide the features we know were needed and we have seen requested here on The changes made to the basic components of DVSwitch will enhance not only Mobile users but bridges and other more esoteric applications. All of the TESTING for now has been on the ARM family but once we are ready to release, we will build ALL of the apt packages to support the 4 hardware families:

armhf:      32 bit (Raspberry Pi all models) (Orange Pi) (Nano pi) etc Pretty much any Debian based ARM board.
i386:        32 bit (low power Intel and compatible)
amd64:   64 bit (Intel and compatible)
arm64:    64 bit (ARM)

That's 16 packages for each hardware family. These packages are in apt format for Debian compatible systems. If you run something else (Arch, Centos etc) the binaries and support files are available on Github. The process is, when a binary is updated, it's uploaded to github and then it's built into a apt package right away. Github and apt will be in sync. This means that to get the most current binary for your hardware family it's simply apt-get update / apt-get upgrade.
All of the packages can be installed or added. You don't have to install everything, just what you need or add what you want. Add the dashboard to Quantar, add the menu to dvswitch. It's up to you.

All packages include the scripting needed for updating the data files, pushing updated data to the mobile clients, log file management and some scripting to help in troubleshooting.
We have included binaries for the support programs needed. This includes md380-emu, NXDNGateway NXDNParrot, P25Gateway, P25Parrot, YSFGateway. YSFParrot and ircDDBGateway. These programs are build directly from the authors github repositories.

All of the programs are installable individually. How do you know what programs to install you ask. We have grouped these programs together in a "Meta Package" for easy install

For example:
apt-get install dvswitch
Will install analog-bridge, md380-emu, mmdvm-bridge, nxdngateway, nxdnparrot, p25gateway, p25parrot, ysfgateway, ysfparrot, ircddbgateway, quantar-bridge

apt-get install dvswitch-quantar
Will install mmdvm-bridge, quantar-bridge, p25gateway, p25parrot
Just what you would need for putting a Quantar repeater on the MMDVM P25 network

apt-get install dvswitch-server
Will install all of the above plus the Menu, Dashboard and System Monitor.

Menu? Dashboard? System Monitor?
The Menu system will walk you through basic setup. You enter your callsign, DMR ID etc and the menu will place the proper values into the .ini files. The menu will also help a DVSM or pyUC user configure Macros. You can upload sample macros to clients. You can also customize macros. The menu system is built with translation files to allow easy translation to other languages. Some of these are machine translations, so we hope they are close to correct. The first release menus will be available in the following languages:

The documentation is being written. That is not to say ever nuance of AB, MB and are covered. The doc is geared towards the user of DVSM who wants to build his own server. Either from a image or from a script The documentation will be available in English, Korean Polish (to start)

The dashboard is a modified version of the Pi-Star Dashboard. <>

The System Monitor is built on Monit. Monit can monitor the health of services, monitor data file updates, run periodic program checks. Monit has been configured to restart some services if they start to use too many resources. This web page is locked down so only local connections can view it. <>

We have built a Raspberry Pi Buster image that contains all of the programs in a ready to run format. All you have to do is burn the image to a SD card, insert the card in a Raspberry Pi (any model) and go. If you don't want to run a Raspberry Pi, or you have a existing Debian based system you want to add to, you can do that too. apt-get install dvswitch-server will install everything installed on Raspberry Pi image onto your system. We have reached Release candidate 2 which means baring any unforeseen issues, we will release soon. The accompanying documentation is being tweaked now. A lot of work has gone into refining the packages. I expect there will be problems found after release. Those fixes will be applied using the apt install / upgrade system. All I can say is anything over 10 lines of code has a bug, in my case anything over 2 lines of code and the first line is a comment.

This does not cover all of the features available. Image clone, file backup/restore password recovery Just to name a few.

 I have posted the first introductory video. <> 

We are working hard on this. When I say we, I mean Mike and I and a number of others. If my wife does not kill me first, it should be out soon. As someone in the software industry once said, "Just 2 weeks"

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