Re: DVSwitch Server Raspberry Pi Image

Steve N4IRS

You can go symlink which may be easier to see and understand. I would suggest a single binary and multiple config files. for example MMDVM_Bridge:

in /opt/MMDVM_Bridge you have the following:
MMDVM_Bridge (binary)

In your first systemd unit you would have for the exec line:
/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/MMDVM_Bridge /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/MMDVM_Bridge_1.ini

In your second systemd unit you would have for the exec line:
/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/MMDVM_Bridge /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/MMDVM_Bridge_2.ini

There is no right way or wrong way. I prefer the above method because when I read the systemd unit file I can see exactly where things are.

73, Steve N4IRS

On 10/22/20 5:53 PM, Tony Langdon wrote:
On 23/10/20 1:01 am, Steve N4IRS wrote:
I let the cat out of the bag in the Mobile subgroup so for everyone

We have  been working to enhance AB, MB and We have been
trying to squash bugs and provide the features we know were needed and
we have seen requested here on The changes made to the
basic components of DVSwitch will enhance not only Mobile users but
bridges and other more esoteric applications. All of the TESTING for
now has been on the ARM family but once we are ready to release, we
will build ALL of the apt packages to support the 4 hardware families:
This sounds awesome.  Looking forward to seeing what's in the upgrade.
I'll have to do some manual tweaks, because I have multiple instances of
a number of the binaries running.   Might have to go to symlinks for
future ease of upgrading. :)

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