Some basic dv switch questions, hoping you can help

Jed Barton <jedbarton@...>

Hey guys,

Jed.n1jbc here. So, i'm brand new to this dvswitch thing, and
honestly it seems pretty cool.
So, the furthest i've gotten with it, is hooking it up to my allstar
node, using a network radio. I'm using an Inrico t-320 network radio,
and have dvswitch installed on it, and am connecting it to my allstar
node. It works great.
Now it's time to expand it further. I've been told that i can run
dmr, and other digital modes if i put a pi together. So i'm at that
point where i want to go to that next step. What do i need to do?
I'm going to have a lot of questions here.



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