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Steve N4IRS

Keeping the .ini files up to date can me a problem. We have two issues we deal with when defining the .ini files. First is progress. Over time, Mike and I will have a discussion about the tags in a section. for example In Analog_Bridge.ini The [USRP] section there was a tag:
"aslAudio" This made sense at the time because the first implementation of Analog_Bridge was to connect to AllStar. Over time, we expanded the capability to include transcode and DVSwitch Mobile. A user building a transcoder would be confused by "aslAudio" After a lot of discussion we decided to rename it to "usrpAudio". A more generic name. As of today Analog_Bridge accepts both. At some point in the future AB will generate a error and force people to use the new tag. I can tell you a lot of thought goes into renaming a tag as we consider the impact on the installed base. The second issue is additions (and subtractions) We are constantly adding features to the DVSwitch components. Sometimes these feature require new tags or even complete sections. If people want to use the new feature, they need the new section.

Should we build a ini file converter? Yes, and it has been discussed as part of a larger script effort. As we find the need to supplement the components, we have added scripting. is a perfect example of that. It has become the way to manage and query Analog_Bridge and MMDVM_Bridge as well as the gateways. At some point when we can catch our breath, new scripts will be added to address the issue.

For now, it's up to the user to update the .ini files manually. One last thing I want to point out. Over time we refine programs and configuration files. We also refine our language. We no longer refer to Analog_Bridge MMDVM_Bridge and Quantar_Bridge as partners. They are now components. We hope this better describes what they do. You may also notice that throughout this message I did not use the word stanza. Stanza came from Asterisk and we felt the proper name was section. I will continue to refer to a section in a .ini file by using the brackets [USRP]

So, a very long message to say, you have to update the ini files yourself. I used this opportunity to explain our methods. I hope you are still awake. ;)

73, Steve N4IRS      

On 10/28/2020 8:08 AM, Jay wrote:
Steve, and All

Thanks so much for doing this.  I have been building Pi Images for DVSwitch from the beginning and I cannot count the number of times I have built images from scratch.  I realize that I could get to a certain point and save the image, but i am always worried that I do not the latest of something, especially INI files.  This is a huge step forward in my mind.

That does bring up a question.  The binaries are quite easy to keep up to date.  Is there a method to keep  INI files current without losing existing entries.  I have never found one but over time the "stanzas" have changed and some keywords.

I enjoyed the video and keep them coming.  This is what Ham Radio is all about.


jb   N4NQY

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